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Vapes for Newbies: Here’s How to Choose the Right Vapes for Beginners

There’s no denying smoking affected millions of Americans and others around the globe for decades. Thanks to vaping, however, the world is seeing a decrease in the number of smokers worldwide. From 1.14 billion smokers in 2000, that number has since dwindled down to 1.1 billion.

The decrease is slow, but the increase in vapers is exponential. Experts attribute the decrease to the growing vaping industry, which many claim to be a healthier alternative.

If you want to transition to vaping from smoking, read our guide below so you can choose the right vapes for beginners. Answer the following questions to see the right equipment for vaping for beginners.

1. What Will You Smoke?

If it’s your first time vaping, this is the most important factor you’ll have to consider. The more popular options are concentrates, which include oils, waxes, and such.

There’s another option, though: flowers. These refer to dry herbs, tobacco, or marijuana trees. In herb vaping, the vaporizer extracts the active chemicals from the herbs. It then generates vapor but without burning the ingredient.

There are specific vaporizers for concentrates and for herbs, so you must choose the right equipment depending on what you’re planning to vape. If you want to smoke both, there are also multi-use vapes that work with both substances. The caveat is that they may not work as good as single-use models at the same price point.

Some people prefer smoking concentrates because they’re more intense. You get more hit out of a lesser amount as flowers are often less potent.

What’s more, herbal vaporizers are more prone to gunk because the materials they heat are solid. As such, they may be harder to clean than a concentrate vaporizer.

You can also find vape juice containing CBD (cannabidiol). This is an extract taken from cannabis and has several medical benefits, like treating pain.

2. What Type of Experience are You Looking For?

When transitioning to vaping, people will often have a vision of what they want to get for their first vape experience. If you have an idea of what that is for you, take that into account when choosing the right vaping equipment.

If you want to smoke clouds, for example, you’ll have to use a vaporizer where you can put in e-liquids. The type of e-liquid will matter, as well, but that’s a subject for another time.

In general, the more powerful the device is, the more it will produce vapor. The type of the vaporizer will also factor into how much nicotine your body absorbs. If you’re looking to maximize the nicotine in the e-liquid, for example, a sub-ohm device might be better.

E-liquids come in a variety of flavors, too. If you want to be able to enjoy different flavors, a concentrate vaporizer is better for you. Some vaporizers are better for groups, too, while some are better for your own enjoyment.

If you want to be able to customize your vaping experience, you may have to buy other accessories. These aren’t for beginners, though. Still, you want your device to be compatible with them if you want to try them out in the future.

3. Where Will You Be Smoking?

When people say vape, their mind goes to the portables ones right away. However, there are also desktop versions, which can elevate the vaping experience. These are a good choice if you think you won’t be smoking outside your home anyway.

Desktop vapes are more powerful, hence they produce much thicker vapor than any handheld vaporizers. They’re better at temperature control, too, and you won’t have to worry about draining batteries.

It comes with dual vaporizers, and it can even come with several mouthpieces. This makes it easy for a group of friends to enjoy the experience at the same time.

However, they need to connect to a power outlet at all times. They’re more expensive than their portable counterparts, too.

Handheld vaporizers, on the other hand, rely on battery power so they can remain to be portable. They’re either rechargeable or you may have to replace the batteries once they run out of power.

They’re small enough for you to keep them in your pockets or purse. There are even some that are the same size as cigarettes. They’re pretty easy to use and are cheaper, which make them perfect for beginners, too.

4. What’s Your Budget?

You’ll have to set a budget first before you go look for a vape. You’ll find expensive models out there that will lure you in, but if you don’t much about vapes yet, you might find that those expensive models aren’t even offering the experience you’re looking for.

For beginners, we recommend you start out small only to familiarize yourself with it. You might not need all those fancy features yet, so an entry-level vaporizer would do. You might even get some mid-level vaporizers if you plan to use it more.

Keep in mind that prices aren’t proportional to quality at all times. You’ll be able to find vapes with a quality build that will fit your budget.

You might have to settle first with handheld devices, such as cartridge pens, if you have a tight budget. These are cheaper, yet they can offer a great vaping experience if you choose a good model.

5. Portable Concentrate Vapes for Beginners

You can further divide portable vapes into 3 different categories according to their power, resistance, and parts.

Concentrate Pens or Cig-a-likes

These devices are about the size of a cigarette or a pen, yet they are complete systems on their own. You can refill it with juice and choose between a replaceable coil atomizer or a disposable one.

These are no-nonsense devices that you buy and then use without further customization. Although they’re smaller, they can still be powerful enough to provide you a great experience.

Due to their smaller sizes, however, there are limitations to the amount of e-liquid they can hold. Their batteries may also have low capacities, requiring you to charge them more often. Nonetheless, they can be great for beginners before they move on to larger and more advanced models.

Standard Mods

Standard vaping equipment, though, has an atomizer with higher than 1.0 ohms resistance. It also has a refillable tank and a mod.

They can contain more e-liquids and they have a larger capacity battery. A good example is the Suorin Drop, which has a 13W maximum output, a built-in 310 mAh battery, and a 1.3 to 1.4 ohms atomizer resistance.

The mod can be a tub or box style; other than their shapes, their differences lie in their batteries for the most part. A box mod can contain 1 to 4 e-cig batteries, while a tube mod usually has a built-in battery. Otherwise, it may contain 1 or 2 external batteries.

The vape tank is where the e-liquid goes and you refill it yourself. It may or may not have adjustable airflow, which you should consider when buying a vaporizer. You’ll have to adjust its settings first to ensure you get the experience you want, which isn’t hard to do at all.

Sub-Ohm Mods

If you’re into the vapor produced, you may look into sub-ohm vaping. This uses powerful devices with atomizer resistance under 1.0 ohms. As such, it draws more power from its batteries, leading to more vapor.

This is more complicated, as you’ll have to know the suitable wattage setting to use. They may not be appropriate for beginners yet, but there are kits that are easier to use than the others.

6. What to Look for in a High-Quality Vape

If you’re looking for a first vape that will last you a long time, better look for ones made with titanium. However, make sure that it’s not titanium alloy or worse, an unknown alloy.

Grade 1 and some Grade 2 titanium are pretty expensive, but you can be sure that they’re safer and more durable. If you find that the label only has “titanium” on it without a grade, it’s usually a random metal alloy. Note, though, that only sub-ohm vapes contain high-quality titanium because of the material’s low resistance.

Be wary of Teflon, too, as they can melt when exposed to high temperatures. When they do, they can produce harmful chemicals and gases.

This can lead to health issues like Teflon flu. As such, they shouldn’t be in any vape product. Still, you might want to check if that’s the case with the model you want to purchase.

Don’t hesitate to ask for composition test results from vendors to check the materials of the vape. If they refuse to provide it, choose another vendor.

Remember that in this industry, regulations aren’t clear yet. It’s important to buy only reputable products to make sure you stay safe while vaping.

Research Well and Spend Your Money with Good Judgement

As you can see, the right vapes for beginners will vary according to your preference and budget. Keep this guide in mind when you start to choose; that way, you’ll get to enjoy your first experience.

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