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In 2018 (the latest year for which statistics are available), there were nearly 70,000 deaths due to drug overdose in the United States. While there are certainly many barriers that addicted individuals must overcome in order to receive effective treatment, it’s also true that overdose deaths are preventable. Of course, the impetus for change has [...]

If you’ve walked into your local cafe and checked the menu, you might see coffee, tea, cappuccino and kratom tea. Like many people, you might wonder what it is, and how does kratom make you feel. Kratom is an increasingly popular herbal beverage that offers pain relief and a mood boost. With today’s problem of opioid addiction, [...]

What happens when we love someone who struggles to love themselves? Love requires boundaries, respect, and connection. But, when someone loves an addict the boundaries can become blurred.  This blurring of boundaries can sometimes result in codependency. Rather than truly helping the addict, codependent behaviors can perpetuate the addiction. The codependent believes they are loving [...]

Are you among the 10% who seek treatment out of the 21 million Americans with addiction? Then you may be wondering what jobs for recovering addicts are out there. Let’s face it. It is overwhelming for recovering addicts to find a good job.  A vast majority of recovering addicts fear facing discrimination. Or to discuss [...]

According to the American Addiction Centers, drug overdoses kill an average of 44,000 people every year. That makes it the number one cause of injury-related death in the United States. Recognizing you have an addiction problem is the first step towards your recovery. To ensure you make a great second step, it’s important to find the best [...]