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Unboxing is more than a fad. This wildly popular social media trend is quickly becoming a cultural movement, Savvy web-retailers are taking full advantage of the unboxing trend by getting creative with their packaging. It is doing wonders for boosting their brands. Creating stylish and unique packaging may seem like a luxury reserved only for [...]

Think about the last time you made an impulse buy. Considering the average American spends $5,400 on such purchases, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Chances are that the product’s packaging design–whether you realized it or not–influenced your decision to buy the item. Now think about your own business products. How does the package design compare [...]

When you run an eCommerce store your packaging is the most tangible impression of your brand customers have. These are the eCommerce packaging trends to watch. Your packaging can make or break your customers’ satisfaction with your product. While art and science of ecommerce packaging is always developing, there are certain trends you can use [...]

How To Select the Best Small Business Packaging You’ve developed the right product, now it’s time to select the best small business packaging for it. Read on for helpful tips to creating the perfect look! What if one small change could drive your sales through the roof? I know: you think it sounds a little [...]

Packaging design is a great way to brand your company and differentiate your product. Here are 8 things to consider when designing creative packaging. Packaging accounts for at least 33% of the reason consumers pick one product over another. Poorly designed or unattractive packaging can hurt even the best product. In such a competitive market, [...]